Fulfill your dream to be an entrepreneur by using a successfully proven business formula - Franchising. With the rate of 90% compared to 33% for entirely new businesses, Franchising reduces the risk of business failure. Start-Up problems are reduced or eliminated because franchisors provide full guidance, support, expertise, well trained personnel, Operational Systems to run the business. Franchising also allows you access to new technologies& product development from the franchisor.

Submit the following documents to David’s Tea House Food Corp:
1. Letter of intent
2. Site proposal (Ideal sites: Shopping Malls or Strip Malls, Stand Alone
3. Outlets with location Restaurant Rows, Office Buildings & Other High-Volume Traffic Commercial areas.)

Once you qualify in the evaluation, we will arrange a meeting with you at our office to discuss the details of our franchise package.
Our Franchise consists of full support package that aims to help franchisees run
David’s Teahouse successfully!